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Thoughts for Thursday.......

By Megthamama
-Today is my Friday and I couldn't be happier. 

In the am, I'm picking up BFF Katye and we are going to mosey on up to Huntsville to spend with weekend with Mar Per.......oh and attend a women's conference. 

When I saw where Priscilla Shirer was going to be in Huntsville, I immediately invited myself to stay with Mary. And when she said 'OF COURSE' I threw in the fact that I was going to bring a friend with me and that she would just LOVE her! 

Good times will be had by all. 

-Tuesday night, while taking my bubble bath, I happened to look in the baby monitor, and this is what I saw:

Thoughts for Thursday.......
Thoughts for Thursday.......

Jaxon Riley perfecting his selfie profile. 

At first, it sorta scared me, because when I left his room, he was asleep.......and now, this! The sweet child stayed up another hour and I was forced to watch Curious George. Now, when I say 'George' I say it in the funky way they sing it in the intro. Mama's: do you know what I'm talking about here?!?

-A few weeks ago, the Mr. and I attended a Gala in New Orleans. Fun times were had and we stayed up until midnight. #crazykids

Thoughts for Thursday.......

-Last weekend, we attended the annual Derby Race in Bay Springs. 

My sweet child soaked it all in. 

The serious look on his face cracks me up. 

Thoughts for Thursday.......

-On a totally unrelated note......wait....isn't everything about this post unrelated.....anyway, Girls Trip 2015 is officially booked! I'm so excited that 2 of my very best frands from college will be sitting beside me on the beach catching up on life. I'm already brain storming on what I can monogram them to take as a gift! They are so lucky to be receiving a creation on mine that chances are will be off centered by a half of an inch. 
-And I leave you with this fine gem that I found on the intranet: 
Thoughts for Thursday.......
Everytime I look at this, I literally laugh out loud. Before H and I started eating better.....I would keep a box of Little Debbies in a desk drawer at work. Folks, there's nothing better and an afternoon cup of coffee with a Swiss Cake Roll. Sadly, that has since stopped. 

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