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By Nfldratheart @nfldratheart
I have been thinking a lot lately about my life, my family, my work, my 'me' time, my blog, and feeling overwhelmed. Here are a few thoughts on my life lately:
On Family:
My baby is growing up, he's crawling, pulling himself into a standing position, making all kinds of different noises. It won't be long and he will be walking, and talking and going off to school. I love seeing him grow and explore, but some days I miss my snuggly sleepy little baby boy.
On Work:
I recently went back to work part time - which is great! I think it is a fantastic way for me to have some time away from Pip and for him to start getting used to not being with me everyday. Soon, my year of maternity leave will be over, and I will be back full time in the work force. So for now I am trying to enjoy the days I have at home with my ever growing little boy, and appreciate the time I do get to spend easing myself back into working.
On Blogging:
I have been planning on doing away with sponsor spots, and have already stopped sponsoring other blogs. And my blog posts have really been lacking lately. I just couldn't keep up and be the mama I wanted to be. It's not for lack of ideas, or even photos. I have all kinds of posts started, and I have photos (on my camera) for said posts. I think it is finding a quiet moment to write out the words, load the photos and hit publish that I am struggling with. I wrote a little post about this a while back (here), and recently I read a post on my friend Ashley's blog sharing some similar feelings. It seems I am not the only one finding it difficult to get back to the original blogging magic. But I am going to try. Slowly, organically, I am just going to let it happen as it will. And I have baking posts to share - that's always a good place to start. So when I have a free minute, I will share that deliciousness! :)
On me-time:
Say what? I haven't had a lot of this, in a while now. Right now working two days a week is proving to be a great addition to the me time quota - getting out of the house, alone, and spending time with people I like. It totally counts. I'm sure in a while it will get old too. And then I am going to try to spend just a little time out of the house, doing something I like. I'm thinking perhaps, paddling, or cycling and maybe a little hiking/photography adventure. Of course crafting counts as me-time, but I think the time spent outside the house is more productive in self-rejuvenation!
How about you friends? What have you been thinking, doing or blogging lately? Leave me a link, I've so been missing visits with friends!

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