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By India Struthers @India_Alexandra

india alexandraSo my two week Metabolic Detox sojourn has ended. What a relief may have been my initial reaction upon racing through that completion deadline whilst grabbing and celebrating with a few bottles of wine (more like champagne, c’mon it is me), plates of freshly toasted buttery bread and a few handfuls of M&S reduced fat crinkle cut crisps (my ultimate fav). However it is not so. No, this is change, this is a new lifestyle for me.  Having experienced the sheer head-splitting headaches and mood swings from not taking any gluten, yeast, dairy and sugar (apart from fruit) it showed me just how much it was affecting my body. I then asked myself,   “Do I really want to be taking that into my body if it is producing these effects?” No thanks.   Obviously I know that my detox symptoms were in part so dramatic due to the my gut’s inability to break food down as effectively as a “normal person” can, due to my leaky gut and yeast overgrowth (sounds revolting, I know).   Apart from a few days of headaches second to none (killed swiftly at work with a rather large dosage of paracetamol) and my mood swings certainly still not balanced, ...

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