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Thoughtful Thursday || The World Has Gone #selfie Mad!

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
WARNING- selfies are included in this post!!
Let's talk about #selfies. I have to admit and if you follow me on Instagram then you will know that I am myself partial to a selfie or ten! Thoughtful Thursday || The world has gone #selfie mad!
The world has gone mad for selfies, Ellen's Oscar selfie seems to have turned the entire planet selfie mad. Some people don't like taking selfies or seeing others selfies, however, I do! I think I am just a naturally nosey person and especially when people I know take a selfie and it looks nothing like them cause they have changed lighting angle etc and I'm like there is no way that's them!
It does however, worry me when I ee my little cousin or family friends who are 12/13 taking pictures of them pouting and putting them on instagram nad then complaining when they 'only' have 50 likes, I'm like I am lucky if I get 10. But likes and followers don't bother me on instagram or twitter I mean, I have a blog twitter & instagram account and a personal twitter and instagram account, and I for my personal I only let friends follow me. I think the obsession over social media and the whole idea of being 'popular' is starting younger and younger. I take selfies to remind me of times/places me and my brother are definitely partial to holiday selfies!!
It is worrying what come up on my twitter feed, young girls, and boys, who are 12/13 trying to look 16 it just isn't right? is it?
Thoughtful Thursday || The world has gone #selfie mad!
It makes me feel old writing a post like this, but by the time I have kids there going to be social media mad by the age of two!!

Thoughtful Thursday || The world has gone #selfie mad!


Would love to know your views on this,
Laura x

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