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Thoughtful Thursday || Soaps Take on Real Life

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
In the UK there are 4 mains soaps Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks. I am a huge fan of Eastenders I have watched it religiously for years! In recent years the soaps storylines have been based around large and mainly taboo topics. Topics such as cancer, mental illness, sexuality, domestic abuse and many more.
Thoughtful Thursday || Soaps take on real life
I think it is fantastic that they are taking on big storylines, researching them extremely well and being to turn taboo topics into talked about topics. Showing all sides of the topics and all the people affected by the different situations.
It allows the soaps to be relatable. I think it is the relatability factor that allows me to get sucked into soaps where as I find it really difficult to get soaked up in reality tv shows. I like them on the odd occasion and you can drop in and out of them, however, with soaps you feel like you are on that journey with them.
It is important that topics are covered and covered by actors that people look up to and admire. As much as people want to criticize soaps for being unrealistic or exaggerated, they are bringing to light issues that are either not well known or not talked about.
People get addicted to soaps in the same way that people get addicted to watching daily vlogs by YouTubers such as the SacconeJolys', Shaytards, CaseyLavere, Itsjudyslife, and many more. Basically we are nosey! We want to be able to relate to someone with a similar life or situations, or someones life to work towards, or too make your life seem better than those you are watching (I always feel like my life is going okay after watching Eastenders on Christmas day!). People connect with vloggers and soap stories because of this.
Personally I love them and would love to know what you think?
Laura x

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