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Those Older Readers Love Their Tablets

Posted on the 19 February 2013 by Themarioblog @garciainteract

TAKEAWAY: Two ends of the generational spectrum are loving their tablets—-the very young and the very old.  While we are not surprised that even toddlers crave tablet action, we have suspected for a long time that the 70+ set has taken to the new platform with gusto. Now some studies support that suspicion.

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Tablets, especially the iPad, are extremely popular with two ends of the generational divide—-the very young and the 70+.  Both take to it and its offerings with gusto. Now a study reports that older readers have an easier time reading text on a tablet than on any other platform

We know how popular the tablet is—-more than 100 million iPads sold globally already, not to mention other tablets, such as the popular Kindle.

We also know that many older readers some of whom never touched a computer before,  now own a tablet, and enjoy using it including for news consumption. At a time when so many publishers fear to make dramatic changes in their operations because of fear of alienating those “loyal, older” readers, this should be welcome news.

According to data released by Pew’s Internet & American Life Project, in August 2012 27% of American adults ages 50-64 and 13% of adults ages 65+ owned a tablet computer. Those figures were up from 15% and 7%, respectively, in January 2012, and just 4% and 2%, respectively, in November 2010.

Research from Germany

Now Researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany report that these older readers have an easier time reading text on a tablet than on any other platform.  The researchers studied the amount of cognitive effort required to read text displayed on different media, including paper, e-readers and tablet computers. After dividing participants into two groups, one consisting of 36 subjects ages 21-34, the other of 21 subjects ages 60+, the researchers tracked eye movements and brain activity with electrodes to determine how much neural power was required to read text presented in the various formats.

The older readers displayed a lower level of brain activity when reading text on an iPad tablet, the study found, and finished each page of text three to four seconds faster, on average.

No surprise here, since we know that type in tablet editions is usually bigger, and that users can also magnify type to their own specifications easily, a big attraction for older readers who may be fighting tired eyes and overall visual deterioration.

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School findings

Another study published last November by researchers at New Jersey’s Robert Wood Johnson Medical School found that tablets could help people with moderate vision loss read. Dr. Daniel Roth, an eye specialist and clinical associate professor at the medical school, presented results of the findings at an annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

The study tracked the reading speeds of 100 subjects with moderate central vision impairment when using iPads and Kindle tablets, versus print. His findings, based on tests conducted with 66 adults age 50 and over: older people read faster (a mean reading speed of 128 words per minute) when using an iPad, compared to a newspaper with the same 10-point font size (114 words per minute).

Subjects reading text in 18-point font on the iPad gained at least 42 words per minute in their average reading speed compared to print, while subjects reading the same size text on a Kindle gained an average of 12 words per minute compared to their print reading speed.

So, the tablet and those loyal older readers are having a honeymoon of sorts. Let’s capitalize on it, and perhaps tailor content and editions to the older set, and, while at it, explore possibilities for one off apps that revisit events and use material in those precious files that every newspaper and magazine treasures.

Remember the 65+ readers usually have the time—-and the money.

Their hunger for news and information has never been greater.

The tablet makes consuming it all the much easier. While continuing to attract the elusive youngsters in the audience, let’s also make efforts to also lure these older readers who are discovering the magic of everything digital.

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Those older readers love their tablets

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