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Those Evening iPad Editions

Posted on the 18 July 2012 by Themarioblog @garciainteract

TAKEAWAY: How do traditional editors react to the task of producing an evening iPad edition?  We had a good follow up discussion with the young team that produces the Kronen Zeitung’s daily tablet edition, Kroner HD, which launched July 3.

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Kronen Zeitung is the most read newspaper in Austria: in addition to the print edition and online, the Kroner carries a daily e-paper edition as well as the newly launched curated tablet edition

Spent a good part of my Tuesday with the Kronen Zeitung’s digital team, reviewing the Kroner HD iPad edition, which premiered July 3.

It was the first time we got together to take a look at how daily production of this new curated app has been, and I know that many of you producing tablet editions of your newspaper are keen to know such details as content flow, newsroom dynamics and the very important topic of how editors with traditional print backgrounds adapt to the new platform.

Paul Tikal is the young editor of Kroner HD, and he tells me that so far the daily production of his tablet edition app has gone smoothly.

We normally begin our daily production around 10 each morning, with a first meeting to see what stories, in the view of the editors, are candidates for the tablet edition,” Paul tells me.

By the way, the Kronen Zeitung tablet edition is published at 6 pm each evening.  The printed edition of the newspaper has a Vienna edition that is out in the streets just around dinner time as well.

Is there competition?

Not at all,” says Paul.  “We often do not even have the same lead stories in the tablet and print editions, even though both are coming out in the evening.

Here is what I have found interesting:  editors are beginning to suggest potential tablet stories themselves early in the day.

From the start of our creation of this Kroner HD tablet edition, we emphasized the importance of selecting stories that are “tablet friendly”.

Right now,” says Paul, “each day we have editors identifying such stories and developing for the tablet, especially in the sports department.

The challenges

Like any new tablet edition that has just gotten off the ground, Kroner HD presents its challenges.

For Paul, one of the biggest is making decisions about pop ups, for example.  By the way, this is a common concern for tablet editors everywhere.

The Kroner Zeitung added about five people to start its daily curated edition, three of those journalists who write and edit exclusively for the tablet. 

It becomes more challenging to do animations, for example,” Paul says.  “But we have no problem whatsoever executing more simple pop ups, and, of course, photo galleries.

As I mentioned to the Kroner HD team, simple pop ups do very well with users, and not difficult to do: the idea of having two or three touch points on a photo, for example (which the Kroner HD app does very well), or incorporating photo galleries. These are all strategies that keep the finger happy, while not requiring such monumental efforts.

What’s ahead?

The Kroner HD app is not even a month old, but it has taken off successfully, even though it is still not promoted too much.

This is a soft launch of our Kroner HD app,” says Dr. Christoph Dichand, publisher of the Kronen Zeitung.  “We are quite pleased with the reception it has had, but the real marketing and promotion has not been undertaken, and we wait till the fall, when more people have had a chance to sample our tablet product.

At that time, not just more users will be welcome, but also advertisers, an area where the tablet needs to take its first baby steps.

As Kroner HD is the first curated tablet edition of a newspaper in Austria, every step becomes a pioneering one.

However, it is safe to say that this baby is catching up fast, receiving wonderful reviews, and, to hear the iPad editor say it: it has been smooth sailing internally producing it each day.
We plan to continue to review Kroner HD and to inform you of its progress.

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