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Those Christians Are Such Hypocrites! Or Are They?

By Midlifemargaritas @mdlifemargarita

I am crossing the line. I am going to discuss RELIGION. You might want to read the whole post before you assume you know what I am going to say...and I welcome your opinions. :)
A friend once asked me why I go to church since all Christians are hypocrites. I said, "we always have room for one more!" I do understand what my friend meant but I feel the need to clear a few things up.
What does Christian mean? According to the it means : "One who professes belief in Jesus as Christ or follows the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus."
What is DOESN'T mean: Someone who is perfect, saintly, better than others, able to control themselves or knows everything about the bible.
I can't speak for everyone but I can tell you I go to church to learn. I have a lot of questions and I am pretty sure it will take me my whole life to find most of the answers. I'm pretty committed.
We don't always get it right either. Look at how many denominations there are. How many religions there are. Who is right? I would dare say no one is completely right. But we can certainly listen to one another and respect what others believe.
The main thing is to 'Love Thy Neighbor'. Even if you don't agree with your neighbor's lifestyle, religion, color of their skin, job choice etc. Love 'em. If your neighbor is doing something or living in a way you think isn't right, let God deal with that later. You may find out you were in the wrong. Just sayin'. LOVE LOVE LOVE! (PS..that is really hard when your neighbor is playing loud music at 3am or you live next to a brothel.)
EVERYONE is a hypocrite. That's right. I called you out. Everyone lies, manipulates, gossips and hurts others. Even me. Everyone. Then we turn around and JUDGE others! It's human but that doesn't make it right. So we all need to work on our own faults and try to stop judging others. That is the real hard part for anyone. Including Christians.
So next time you pass a church and think, "there's another hypocrite country club," why not go inside and sit a spell? You might enjoy it, you might make a few new friends or you might get a nap during the sermon. It's all good...:)
No one has all the answers. Did I mention I was FAR from perfect? Way far! I mean have you read my posts? lol
Next time I might post about POLITICS!  Merry Christmas!
Those Christians are Such Hypocrites! Or Are They? 
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