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By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
I've not really tried a huge amount of This Works products, but when a couple of their products were sent to me to try out I was excited to try them out.
This Works Edit
I was given the Sleep+ Pillow Spray and the Perfect Body Muscle Therapy treatment.
The deep sleep pillow spray has long been a favorite of mine. I regularly use the miniature bottle I have for traveling to keep me calm during a long flight which I'm known to find a tad stressful (a closed cabin full of people without my own personal space freaks me out somewhat..).
Being a fan of the Deep Sleep spray, I was excited to try out the pillow spray. Normally at bedtime, I have a glass of water, do my skincare routine and settle down to a few hours of more work. I can't help it, my mind is always overactive at night time and so for me, it's become my routine to be productive and not to fall asleep instantly at bedtime.
Upon receiving this, I decided to cast my work aside and have a proper 'chill out' night where I put a face mask on, listened to the radio and spritz some of the This Works Sleep+ Pillow Spray onto my pillows. I lay on my bed at 10pm feeling fresh (I even shaved my legs girls, you know how fresh I was feeling!) expecting to feel wide awake but actually, I felt so calm and ready to sleep. I fell asleep at 10(ish) and whilst I woke up a few times throughout the night (I always do!), I happily fell asleep moments later.
I LOVE this. If for nothing else but it made me feel so calm and relaxed. I also used this one night when I was working in my bed and was stressing about social media drama. Within about 10 minutes, I certainly wasn't asleep, but I was much calmer than I had been just moments before. I'm sold on this.
Some of you might know, that recently I've been increasing my workouts a bit in a bid to try and get healthier (too many pizzas, not enough salads, you know the score). With those workouts, and the fact that I'm an idiot and don't do a warm up or cool down on occasion (most times tbh), comes aching muscles.
The This Works Perfect Body Muscle Therapy is designed to be used on aching muscles to help relieve the pain with a rollerball which contains Marjoram, Clove & Black Pepper. It's full of natural essential oils and just smells gorgeous.
I used this on the base of my back and it instantly gave a warmth through it which helped to ease it somewhat. I rarely get headaches but was happy to read this helps with them, as I tend to get a headache whilst traveling (which is when I notice aches and pains more often).
I wouldn't run out to buy this again. I think it's great for gym bunnies, headaches and might even be good for period pain but I do think this is limited in it's use for me. I'd probably reach for this if I pulled a muscle to get some slight relief from the pain but ibuprofen would probably do the same trick.
I really hope I've not cursed myself and will now get a pulled muscle that I need to use this on haha!
Have you tried these out?
H x

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