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By Healthytravelblog @healthytravel1

You’re all excited to be leaving on your trip abroad. The plans have all been made, you’re right on schedule and everything is great. And then you begin your journey by queuing up at the airport security line – otherwise known as a slithering, oogy germatorium.


Look at all those bare feet. Look at that college kid with the runny nose putting his wallet in the same bin that you’re going to place your phone in just a few moments from now. Are you starting your trip abroad by ensuring that you’re going to catch some illness that will ruin your vacation? The Wall Street Journal’s Heidi Mitchell takes a look at just how germ-filled the airport security line is, and what you can do about it. 

Now, on to the next question posed this week about those airport security lines – are full body scanners safe? Expat Health’s Bryony Ashcroft takes a look at the somewhat controversial scanners and writes that, basically, you have nothing to worry about.

At least we’re seeing the start of a movement to transform airport boarding gates into something more comfortable than a medieval torture chamber.

We focus a lot of attention here about how to deal with medical issues that unexpectedly arise when you’re far from home, whether they rise to the level of medical emergencies or are mere nuisances. To be sure, qualified professional medical care is almost always the best way to go when you need care. But if you’d like to embrace your inner MacGyver and come up with some D.I.Y. medical solutions, the New York Times’ Christine Negroni writes about how you can solve some simple medical issues with things like chewing gum, baby shampoo and pepper.

One caveat – if you’re going to rely on the aforementioned Chewing Gum Remedy, don’t do it in Singapore, where chewing gum is banned and you could face a stiff fine if you’re caught blowing bubbles. And that isn’t all; Singapore is not shy about penalties for all kinds of public affronts. Jaunted has a very useful list of all of the public activities you need to avoid.

People have wondered for years – where is Shangri-La, the mystical “Eden-on-Earth?” National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel tries to provide an answer. And speaking of Shangi-La and perfect places, CNNGO’s Amanda Statham offers her opinion on the ten best honeymoon spots in the world.

And, finally, we found out this week that social travel isn’t exactly perfect.

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