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By Healthytravelblog @healthytravel1

I’m pretty sure that your bucket list – like mine – includes visiting Carnival in Rio at least once. Well, here’s your shot. It starts tomorrow (Saturday, the 18th) and continues through Fat Tuesday. You can party for 96 straight hours (if you’re tough enough), have the time of your life, eat chicken hearts and as much filet mignon as you want and enjoy the party of a lifetime. Of course, this is a blog about travel and health, so I feel obligated to encourage you to at least try to exercise some sense of moderation. Good luck.

The sports world has been dominated by “Linsanity” for the last two weeks. That’s the international phenomenon that is overnight superstar Jeremy Lin of the NBA’s New York Knicks. The Harvard-educated Taiwanese-American has dominated headlines for the last two weeks for his out-of-nowhere performance. And now travel agents in Taiwan have jumped on the bandwagon. CNN reports that Lion Tours is offering “Linsanity tours” to their customers in Taiwan – 10 or 11-day packages to visit the East Coast of the US, and tickets to a Knicks game in Madison Square Garden.

At the Wall Street Journal, renowned New York chef Michael White offers some tips about how best to deal with frequent trips to Asia

At the New York Times, Jesse McKinley wonders whatever happened to flying first class?

As a follow up to our earlier post on making sure you get proper sleep when traveling the globe, read this older post at Health Conscious Travel on five foods to help you sleep.

And while most of America has enjoyed a very warm winter, And while most of America has enjoyed a very warm winter, you might feel like you need a shock of cold to make you feel like you’re moving through the normal cycle of the seasons. If you want to feel that old chill, Kathy Lally of the Washington Post suggests that you head to Moscow, Russia. After a balmy start to winter in Russia, things are back to frigid usual

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