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...this & That... Thursday: My Faves.

By Hpranitis @_thisandthat_
Let's switch things up!  A little something different is in order today.  Wouldn't it be fun to see what my daily weekly reads are...?  Now, don't fret...if you are not on the list - this doesn't mean I don't read you - just not daily.  This is an ever changing list, and it changes about every two months or so.
One of the best parts about the blogs I read "regularly" most of them have a little bit of ...this & a little bit of that...  For me, I like to mix things up.  I don't want to read the same old, same old - you know what I mean?  I like to be inspired, encouraged, challenged.  And it is all too cool when I get to read something thought provoking!
Now, I do have several blogs that do in-fact read daily simply due the fact that I receive them via email.  Some, I have to physically go there and that typically happens once a week and scour the blog for the juicy bits!  ...without further ado...
Blonde Episodes -- love all Kori's post, but am especially fond of her old Hollywood posts. 
transient travels -- Susan's travel posts abroad and out & about town are amazing!
The Simply Luxurious Life -- all of it -- LOVE the newsletter! Did you notice BlondiesShop on the header a few weeks ago...?  This here blog has a little bit of everything.
vmac + cheese -- I think me listing it here says it all...
Let it be Beautiful -- what's not to love about Ashlyn's posts?!
{long distance loving} -- love {av}'s updates and Friday's Fancies for sure!
Makeunder My Life: Jess Constable -- love wish I knew wednesday.
Blonde Episodes -- a daily read that I love in every way, shape and form!
Hi Sugarplum! -- Cassie amazes me regularly with her interior design, DIY and travel posts!
IHeart Oganizing -- Jen's organizing is beyond amazing.
District Sparkle  -- I absolutely adore Meaghan and G.L.A.M.!
Design Darling  -- all of it -- Mackenzie is an amazing woman and it is refreshing and inspiring to read her real-life thoughts, worries, etc.!
The Average Girls Guide -- love all of it, but especially love The Vent Sesh series!
The Girl with the Blue Bow -- music -- I'm a new follower here but absolutely adore Christianna!
MadebyGirl -- artwork updates and random real-life stuff!
The Alternative Wife -- every post is uplifting and I love the dreamy pictures.
small shop [a brand styling studio] -- all of it.
The Every Girl -- this has to be my must-have go to spot, period.
..this & that... tidbits: 
I've followed Blonde Episodes and transient travels since the beggining of my blogging endeavor.  The blogging world in my opinion is pretty awesome - did you know I am close personal friends with Kori from Blonde Episodes?  I haven't had any recent trips to Cali to visit her...and I miss her dearly!  We have sooo much fun when we are together.  For now, we make do with texting and facebook!  It's funny, I know.
What's your favorite blogs?  Your daily reads?  Your weekly reads?  By the way, who has "twitter" relationships with your faves...?!  I do, I do!  ...more on that next time...  And I'm quite positive I left out a few of my daily/weekly reads off the list.
Have a wonderful day!
...this & that... Thursday: My Faves.

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