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...this & That... Thursday.

By Hpranitis @_thisandthat_
My life has been quite busy lately.  I'll admit it that I've been absent from my blog.  Not posting regularly isn't like me.  But, it is.  Sometimes I just don't have a lot to say.  I'm sure each of you that are reading this are shaking your head.  We have all have moments in life that we can't put in words or simply choose not to.
It's confession time.  My Shakeology is gone.  I'm out.  I haven't re-ordered any well, I cancelled it.  I'm going to take a 30-day break and go back on it.  Sounds, like a plan doesn't it?  We'll see.  I'll also be a Beachbody coach when I re-order it.  I want the discount that it gives and becoming a coach gives that.  Done deal if you ask me.  I've been drinking soda.  Not just Coke Zero but, full octane on occasion.  You see, when I'm dealing with a little stress soda, salt and chocolate helps.  It helps A LOT!  Probably, more so if the "comfort" it gives.  Yes, I know it's not healthy and it's not good in large quantities.  Oh, and need I forget the chocolate cake that I've been eating for about 1-1/2 weeks now.  Yep, I really have.  Every night I have some.  Not good at all I know and to think I ran out of Shakeology last week.  YIKES!  But, I'm already getting back on track and refocused.  I have goals and I need to stick to them.  Sometimes, we get a bit of track and need to re-align everything to get the results we want.  Let's just say I'm realigning things right now and certain aspects of my life and it's a work-in-progress.  Confession time is now over.  Thanks for listening reading. 
I was very excited to wake up yesterday morning and not feel back pain.  It really wasn't fun on Monday laying on my living room floor.  Seriously, it was not.  However, every other month or so (lately) this back thing has been happening and I don't like it.  When I have issues with my back I can't workout.  My cardio on the elliptical irritates it and I obviously can't lift weights.  So, I sit and eat chocolate cake and drink full octane soda and have a fabulous pity party!  Just kidding.  Well, I have been eating cake and drinking soda during the day.  I need to quit and I will, this week.
After work I'm heading over to my sister's school for her open house.  Actually, I thought I had a special invite "just me" but, nope my Mom was included as well.  I'll be honest I was a bit bummed but, it's cool.  Anyhow, this will be my first time seeing Mel in her domain, her element, her classroom.  I'm really excited and I hope she'll let me take a picture of her sitting at her desk for the blog.  Mel's my little sis, 6 years younger, and sometimes it's still hard to realize she's all grown up.  And mind you she is because she's married and owns a home.  HELLO.  Yes, I need to wake up here and realize that everyone doesn't stay little.  I'm the oldest of all of the grandchildren and cousins and sometimes I just don't believe my eyes.  I really don't.  Life is just flying by.  Really it is.
Anywho, even nostalgia.  I'm in high gear regarding production for my shop.  However, after the long weekend I'm somewhat burnt out.  Creating 15 sets of cards was a bit overkill but, I need to keep going.  This weekend I'm going to knit instead.  I'll probably cut paper for future production.  It's a lot easier when everything is all ready and I just make it a production line of sorts.  This Sunday I'll be heading over to Michael's for a fabulous sale on cards and boy am I going to stock up!  Let's just say that I'll probably spend $50 on cards and have enough to make 500+ cards.  That's a pretty darn good deal.  I'm also gearing up to make my holiday cards as well.  I need to finish the remaining Halloween cards I set aside to make and list them all on my shop.  I need to begin and complete the fall/Thanksgiving cards and list them on my shop as well.  And then it's time for the Christmas cards.  I'm hoping to have all of the holiday cards complete "prior" to September 20th.  Oh, and before I forget note to self:  request off Friday, November 3rd for Believe Boutique.  Anyhow, I have a lot going on with the shop right now. 
I'll be back later to let you know how the open house went.  Have a wonderful day!
...this & that... Thursday.

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