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This Sunday Wake Up & Do What Makes You Happy!

By Organiclassie @OrganicLassie

Happiness (Photo credit: baejaar)

Evening all! Hope this journal update finds you all well

I’ve pondered a few things this week and what I have decided is that ultimately  we should all just do what makes us happy. What do I mean by that? Well, for me it’s like making new year goals after the new year has passed. Here is what I mean…

When I was at school I loved English & Art. They were my two favorite subjects. I applied to study three courses: media, journalism and design. Then my thyroid knocked the stuffing out of me and took a little of my self-esteem with it. No-one in my family thought that I would make money out of anything that I wanted to do, so I applied to study social sciences instead. I enjoyed the course, but I soon realised that unless I wanted to become a psychology teacher, there probably wasn’t much left to do in that niche. To fund my course I worked as an auxiliary nurse and support worker. I absolutely loved it and after a short stint working in administration, reception and tourism I applied to do my nursing training.

Portrait of Florence Nightingale.

Portrait of Florence Nightingale. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have nursed at various levels (auxiliary, student & staff nurse) over the last ten years. I loved my work, I loved being with patients. I loved speaking to them as I worked with them. I loved to hear their stories. I loved when I watched them walk out of the door on two legs. I loved it even more if they did a secret skip


I didn’t like the politics. I didn’t like the back stabbing between staff members. I didn’t like the lack of funding. I didn’t like working twelve – fifteen hour shifts without a bite to eat or a trip to the toilet. I especially didn’t like the hypoglycemia that went along with it – I swear that I looked like someone with alcohol problems as my hands shook in the treatment room! So when my temporary job ended at the end of 2012, I decided to just leave.

My family was mad with me at first. ‘Get a trade and you have a job for life!’ is what they said, so that’s what I did. Well I loved nursing and I will always have secret pangs to go back, especially when I watch shows like ‘Nursing The Nation’. Note that I am not referring to fictional shows here, they drive me bonkers! I have said this a thousand times & I will say it again: YOU CAN NOT RESUSCITATE SOMEONE THAT HAS FLAT LINED!!! However, my family soon saw the changes in me after I left, as I was a happier and more stress free person.

During the year that I have been away from nursing, I have thought long and hard about things. Where am I going? Why I am here? What is my purpose? Yada. Yada. Yada… I soon realised that my first loves were English, Art & Photography. They always will be! So what are my plans for this year?

English Language Camp 2008 SMK Taman Rinting 2 #98

English Language Camp 2008 SMK Taman Rinting 2 #98 (Photo credit: Roslan Tangah (aka Rasso))


I love to write short stories and poetry. I love to write full stop. This blog is my outlet and it has been so for the past year. I am passionate about what I write and I have no intentions of stopping. So blog = check! I am also considering signing up  for a freelance writing course and have very luckily been given the opportunity to contribute towards a magazine. I’m not giving you anymore details though, you’ll have to stay tuned!


Vintage Ad #1,853: Insert Fight Club Joke Abou...

Vintage Ad #1,853: Insert Fight Club Joke About Soapmaking (Photo credit: jbcurio)


I love drawing, I love painting and I love designing. I love creating things. I’ve been so busy working over the last decade that I’ve missed the boat and let my creativity slide. I’ve missed the me out of me! Soap-making is my outlet, it is my design process. It is my creative niche. I am still working on this and will keep you informed. I’m also considering doing a skin care formulation diploma later in the year as it is also something that I am very passionate about. More projects coming up, again you’ll have to stay tuned!

Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of ph...

Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of photography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The third subject I loved at school was photography. I heard that they don’t teach it at my old school anymore, but we were lucky enough to have an art teacher trained in it. The only problem was that it was black & white film photography and I am somewhat missing the dark room & red light bulb! However, I would love to go to some night classes and might consider freelance photography later down the line too. At least digital photography means working with less chemicals, so that’s a bonus straight away.

So there you are, there’s my personal goals for this year, brought about by my realisation: WAKE UP AND DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Life is too short to waste. Be you. Be happy!

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