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By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick

 I have been banging my head against my cabinets wondering what to paint them for 2 years, even though I got the kibosh from the Mr. more times than I can recall.  ( I block out "No" really well). What is it with men and wood anyway? And it isn't even real wood.  So, I think this is it...  this next Gloss. Navy.  Its the new fake wood.  Or so I say.
I have toyed with so many colors, from grays to bold persimmon, but navy works with my scheme and its a color but neutral all at the same time.
Here is some more glossy blue love that has me wanting to sign on the dotted line...
this next (navy and pinky lilac- my color combo of the month)
this next
this next
this next  Not navy at all, but it has me rethinking my exterior door...
this next

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