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This Moment: Silence is Golden #ThisMoment

By Thepracticalmommy2 @PracticalMommy2

This Moment

All of the kids are finally napping. 

This is day two of snow days for us this week, and my son already has tomorrow off due to an in-service. I am home alone with all three kids who have bottled up energy since we've been indoors due to the weather. 

"Mom, when is spring? I just wanna go outside and run around and be free!"

Me too, my son. 

When he asked me that this morning, I knew they were bored here in the house. They all, my five year old, three year old, and almost (sniff) one year old, played wildly when my younger sister came to visit, and afterwards we did a major cleanup of the downstairs. Toys were put away, floors were vacuumed, and books returned to their rightful place. 

During lunch, my daughter asked, "What are we gonna do now, Mama?" Sigh. I hadn't a clue. 

Since it wasn't too cold, I summed up the courage and energy and strength to take them all out in the snow to play. We donned our snow gear and marched outside. 

Wasn't as fun as it could have been being that the snow was super crunchy from the freezing rain 'lasterday' (my son's word that he still uses for yesterday), but we made the most of it. It was the baby's first time sitting in the snow, so for me, it was still a special moment. 

This Moment: Silence is Golden #ThisMoment

Now that they're plumb tuckered out, it's naptime. I should be napping too, but hey, I feel like I have stuff to do. 

Right now, the silence is all I need to feel refreshed. 

Crissy Page, blogger of Dear Crissy and Parent Pretty, challenged bloggers to just write anything that came to mind in 'This Moment'. This was refreshing to write, because not only did it just let me be me in my writing, it helped me to get back to the basics of blogging, which is just to write and share daily life. So, here I am, writing and sharing my moment. I hope to write more like this again! 

Tell me: What is going on for you right now in this moment? 

This Moment: Silence is Golden #ThisMoment

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This Moment: Silence is Golden #ThisMoment
This Moment: Silence is Golden #ThisMoment
This Moment: Silence is Golden #ThisMoment

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