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This is the Sperm and This is the Egg

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger

This is the Sperm and This is the Egg


Recently, my daughters have been asking questions.
For example, last week Nature Girl asked, "What does 'sex' mean?"
The day after, Sweet Rose, after noticing a package of mini-pads on my dresser, asked, "Why does Mommy put giant band-aids in her underwear?"
My husband was the unfortunate recipient of both questions, but he answered both smoothly, much to my surprise and delight.
I realized, it was time to step-up. They're getting older and they deserve to start learning some specifics. So, we read age appropriate books on the topic. OK, the truth is that I left the books out mixed with some others from the library they had asked for, let them read them, then nonchalantly asked them if they had any questions. They did and I answered them. I was thrilled with how comfortable we three girls could discuss body parts and reproduction!
I wrote an article for Parent Society about it that I'll link to as soon as it is published. In the meantime, we're all comfortable with what they've learned and where they're at. My husband is especially pleased with the fact that he doesn't have to take part in the discussions. Though he can't always avoid exposure...
Yesterday, at our newly introduced family Sunday brunch, Nature Girl started playing with her toothpick and her egg (see picture; that's her egg). She waved the toothpick around in one hand, motioning toward the egg and said, "I'm a sperm! I'm a sperm and I'm going to break through the egg!"
Then, she proceeded to poke through the hard shell of the egg with her toothpick and celebrate her sperm's success. My husband and I nearly died laughing (the quiet kind where you nearly choke on your food trying not to laugh and silent tears stream down your face because it's important the kids can integrate this new knowledge through play without embarrassment).
It was so good. So funny, sweet and innocent. And affirming the relationships we're forging with our children - confident, trusting, loving. I'm so happy.
What's your funniest or most embarrassing "Birds and Bees" moment?

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