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This is Not Normal...

Posted on the 29 November 2016 by Lowell
This is not normal...
From Melissa McEwan at Shakesville.
This is not normal.
It is not normal for a president to use his social media account to tweet chilling opinions about Constitutionally-protected rights.
It is not normal for a president to suggest it is reasonable to have one's citizenship revoked or to be jailed for doing something legaljust because he finds it distasteful.
It is not normal to imply that a "year in jail" could be remotely equivalent to being stripped of one’s very citizenship, to be permanently exiled from one's home.
None of this is normal. It is profoundly troubling. And we cannot become inured to such egregious democratic transgressions. This cannot be normalized.

Actually, this is monstrous.  Just about everything he does is monstrous.  His Cabinet picks, in fact all of his choices are monstrous.  He is not a normal human being.  He's a monster.  If you think that's too strong, then I think you need to take another look, a closer look, because there is no other word that describes our next president!

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