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This $6,000 ‘INTELLIGENT TOILET’ Is The Self Warming & Bluetooth-Enabled Throne Of Your Dreams

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Day-to-day we are seeing technological advancements. From rotary dial phones to I-phones, from CRT TV to HD- LED TV, etc, we have grown by leaps and bounds when it has come to technology. However, your bathroom is usually the least technologically modified place. We use the same toilet for decades and it hardly ever goes through a significant change in terms of technology. Some indulgent people may get a toilet that warms up the seat, but they don't go any further. In the days of smart homes, a company has come up with intelligent toilet.

Nowadays, we bring our mobiles and tablets to the toilet so we can stay connected with the digital world. The US-based company Kohler takes your obsession with technology to a whole new level. It has come up with an intelligent toilet that costs a whopping $6000. The advanced technology used in the Numi intelligent toilet is really a throne for technology fans.

Let's go through some of the features of Kohler's Intelligent Toilet-

I was surprised when I heard about a toilet that costs $6000, so I got my laptop and started researching. the more I found out about the toilet, the more mesmerized I became with it. I have compiled a list of features that this intelligent toilet has.

Motion Activated Cover and Seat-

How often do we dread sitting on the cold toilet seat in winters? Even though toilets with seat warming have been around for years, this advanced toilet turns on the seat heating as soon as you walk up to it. Especially in the night-time, as you walk sleep-dazed towards the toilet, the seat will automatically open and get heated, and when you are done, it will flush itself and then close. How often have you seen toilets that are handsfree?

Personalised Bidet Functionality-

You can not only personalize the pattern of the water spray, but you can also control the temperature of water, and water pressure. The personalized bidet is like a cherry on the top of the cake. It is not only environment-friendly as the usage of toilet paper becomes unnecessary, but it also is very comforting.

Automatic Deoderization and Integrated Air Dryer

The toilet comes with a charcoal filter that helps deodorize the air. You will no longer have to tolerate the stink while you are answering nature's call. The air dryer located smartly in the wand will ensure that the drying is efficient and optimum.

The toilet is designed to play your favorite music, podcasts, radio station, etc by connecting to your Bluetooth enabled device through Bluetooth technology. It also comes with a memory card where you can store your favorite music.

Foot Warmer

Cold feet are one of the most annoying things. This toilet takes care of it by blowing warm air through the vents located near the floor.

Touch Screen Remote and Magnetic Docking System

The touchscreen remote is there to ensure that you can set your preferences regarding water temperature, pressure, panel lighting, etc. The magnetic docking system charges your remote from time to time and stores it efficiently.

This intelligent toilet will be available in fall, 2018. Now that you know about all the amazing things this toilet can do, make sure to start saving up for this sophisticated crapper.


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