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Thirty Maxims of the Self

By Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui
Thirty Maxims of the Self
Twenty four isn't many years in terms of age and maturity, or is it? (It is okay to be a bit delusional about age sometimes ;)) The measurement of wisdom and ones discernment of daily matters really depends on where one comes from, what one is expected to do and their circumstances. Doesn't matter how old you are really. It is such a paradox of life, this age. No matter how young you are, you're still getting older, by the minute, the second for that matter! Age and time are directly proportional, as we know. You only move forward and get older. My point being, in all of this passing of time and age, we all learn the usual administration of life - I mean how to carry ourselves, how to behave, the what's and how's, the do's and don'ts ...
Here's a compilation of things I believe in and practice going by them on a daily basis - My dictum proprium. You might find some of these repetitive and that is the very point, to remind ourselves how important somethings are. They are not in any particular order, so read on ... :)
Thirty Maxims of the Self
  1. Do what you love. Be who you love. So there will be no excuses, no reasons, and no hesitations.
  2. Live by your word and do not take others for granted.
  3. Have faith. And believe in yourself.
  4. Dream. And follow your dreams.
  5. Keep fighting.
  6. Don’t be afraid to discover. Don’t be afraid to stray. Don’t be afraid to get lost. And don’t be afraid to find your way back home.
  7. Have a little faith. Take that leap. Take the risk. You may fail, you may make mistakes, or you may have taken a positive life changing decision. You will never know, if you don’t take that first step.
  8. If you want a change in your life, for better or for worse, please follow point 7.
  9. Good and bad phases are momentarily; you are in fact growing and developing as a person. Remember, a change can only progress you with time
  10. I think that’s why they say everything happens for a reason.
  11. Help yourself so you can help others.
  12. Love yourself so you can love others.
  13. Appreciate and accept yourself, and be comfortable in your skin, so it is easier to do the same with others. Be confident and in charge of yourself. People love those who are self-aware and making conscious efforts in their environment.
  14. Believe in the power and beauty of your dreams.
  15. Think positive.
  16. Believe in A Supreme Power. You can make tools and weapons out of stone, but who created the stone?
  17. Know your passion. To follow your passion, your inner calling, doing the things you love, can make you achieve such amazing things; it gives you a pleasure unfathomable. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of my life? What is it that I am meant to do? Your purpose and passion are intertwined.
  18. Be content. Every night before you go to sleep, be content. It is a state of mind, and it is in your control.
  19. So is happy and love.
  20. It is okay to be sad, or miserable. It is a part of life and essential for us to become the person we have to.
  21. Keep fighting. Survive. You will have stories to tell. Interesting and inspiring ones for that matter.
  22. Empathize.
  23. Keep no regrets. If you have any, due to past bad experiences, convert them to lessons learnt. Regrets are lethal. Keep none.
  24. There is always a second chance. If you’re lucky you might get a third one too. Point being, it is okay to make mistakes.
  25. Give. For it is in giving, you will receive. And I mean to give with the heart and soul.
  26. Talk to a stranger. You will know you’re not the only one with problems.
  27. Share your happiness and problems. You will realize we are all living similar lives. Everybody has problems. Everybody has good days and bad. The intensity or gravity of them may be different, but the situation can be similar.
  28. Learn to forgive yourself. It is liberating.
  29. Close friends and family are a source of strength and love, you're the same for them. Harbor and cultivate this bond in your hearts. 
  30. Believe in yourself. 
Last one being the most important. For it all starts from you. :)

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