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Thirty Five/52

By Leonied
Thirty Five/52Thirty Five/52Thirty Five/52
A: You were thrilled that we finally busted out the "make your own" felt hairband kit that you received for a birthday a year or two ago. After what was a mixed session of trying to learn crochet you were happy to do do something more simple. Lately when we ask you to do something or about something, your initial response is almost always "Of course!" And for some reason you have also started saying "alrighteeeeeyyyy" quite a lot, often absentmindedly to yourself. We started watching some of the Star Wars movies over the long weekend with you all. You were not that keen but were by far the most emotionally invested when we started watching, even proclaiming that it was "much better than expected"!
H: I love your tenacity when learning new things. The crochet was tricky but you love having steps to follow. then we moved on to your birthday sewing kit and you are still talking about back-stitching and blanket stitches. Loved watching you and your sister enjoy crafting, making and learning. Given your recent interest in Star Wars it seemed appropriate to introduce you three to the movies. And you loved it - the ships, the sabers and all the different characters. You like to use the words "in fact" a lot when you're talking. You often "know/knew" things and now we have a lots of "in fact" to back it up. What a character.
L: You managed to find the box of Mummy and Daddy's old soft toys and the three of you proceeded to ask/claim them. It was a bit like Christmas for you it seemed! You weren't that keen on sitting still with the crochet and sewing so instead buzzed around and did your own thing... mostly test concentration levels :p Again I am noticing how big you are getting... it may just be that I am acutely aware of school starting soon too and then fitting school shoes and seeing you looking all grown up... In the meantime you are loving practicing writing numbers and letters and have taken at least one thing away from these sessions: "If you never try, you will never learn." You like to remind us all of this every opportunity you get whether applicable or not ;)
L xx

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