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Thirteen-Fourteen /52

By Leonied
Thirteen-Fourteen /52Thirteen-Fourteen /52Thirteen-Fourteen /52Thirteen-Fourteen /52
L: You and chocolate. You love it so. You girls had been counting down the days until Easter and the bunny's arrival. Oh the joy when it was time. We have noticed how much you've grown. You are much taller than before and outgrowing clothes daily. Our little "Teeto" (Petite-o) is not so little anymore and we cant wrap you into a tiny little bundle anymore. Waaaaaahhhh!! You still run between pure delight and joy, and hot explosive fury that sometimes comes out of nowhere. Although bigger, you are still an absolute fire-cracker.
A: School term finished and you were ready for another holiday. Of course you always default to reading and creating and daydreaming. Your imagination and kindness knows no bounds. Unfortunately with us all being unwell there weren't many photo's taken over these two weeks, but laying low and taking it easy was definitely what we all needed.
H: You were the first one sick in a bit of a bad run we had. But you bounced back fairly quickly and then the holidays hit and you enjoyed having your sisters around for company. We were all well and truly ready to get out of the house with an impromptu day-trip. You all enjoyed the day trip and doing a spot of sightseeing.
L xx

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