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Things You Didn’t Know About Heart Diseases

By Allyson3james

The heart is one of the major organs of human anatomy as it not only ensures the flow of oxygenated blood to all the organs of the body but also pumps the blood for itself. Today, people around the world adopt unhealthy lifestyles and develop problems like high cholesterol and blood pressure in early ages.  As a result of this, these people have greater possibilities of suffering from severe heart diseases. Heart diseases are the problems and conditions that affect the rhythm, valves, and muscles of the heart and can even cause death without proper treatment. Cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia, coronary heart diseases are some of the common heart diseases.

Things you didn’t know about heart diseases

Risk Factors of Heart Diseases

With the following factors and health conditions, an individual is at an increased risk of being diagnosed with heart disease:

  • People who smoke can suffer from heart diseases as smoking damages the inner lining of the arteries and reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood.
  • Increased level of cholesterol in the blood can put an individual to greater risks of heart disease.
  • Individuals whose family members have suffered from heart diseases at an early age are at an increased risk of suffering from coronary artery disease.
  • As the age of the person increases, the capacity of the heart to function well decreases and this results in damaged arteries and thickened muscles of the heart.
  • Increased level of Stress can damage the artery and can become a cause for the development of heart disease.
  • People who perform less physical activities or don’t exercise regularly can suffer from heart disease.
  • Following a healthy diet is a must because a diet which has increased level of sugar, salt and fats can lead to heart disease.
  • When people suffer from high blood pressure the arteries become narrow or hard and thick due to which the flow of blood through the arteries is not smooth.
  • People with diabetes have greater risks of suffering from heart diseases
  • The excess weight in obese people can put them to an increased risk of suffering from a heart attack.
  • The estrogen in women prevents the blood cells from sticking to the artery walls and thus women are at a reduced risk of suffering from blockage than men. This, however, is not the case in women who are past their menopause.

Problems that arise due to heart diseases

heart diseases adversely affect the functionality of the heart and cause severe health problems. Following are the types of complications that arise when a person suffers from different heart diseases.

  • Heart failure:- A heart failure is when the heart is not able to pump sufficient blood to different parts of the body. Many types of heart diseases can result in heart failure.
  • Heart attack: When the heart is not able to receive blood due to a blockage in the blood vessels, it suffers from a heart attack. The most common cause of heart attack is atherosclerosis.
  • When the arteries are blocked or become narrow, they are unable to supply enough blood to the brain and cause an ischemic stroke. It is a medical emergency and requires prompt treatment.
  • The aneurysm is a condition in which the wall of an artery bulges out when it becomes weak and can cause severe problems like bleeding.
  • Peripheral artery disease. Some of the heart conditions like Atherosclerosis can develop peripheral artery disease in which parts of the body like legs, do not receive sufficient blood.
  • Sudden cardiac arrest. A cardiac arrest occurs when the heart unexpectedly fails to perform one of its functions. It is mostly experienced by people who have been diagnosed with heart diseases.

Prevention of heart diseases

Following measures can keep the people from suffering from heart diseases

  • Giving up smoking
  • Regular health checkups can help in regulating diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.
  • Dedicating 40 minutes out of 1440 minutes of the day to exercising.
  • Following a healthy diet which does not have a high amount of salts, cholesterol, and fats.
  • Achieving or maintaining an ideal weight
  • Relieving stress
  • Maintaining hygiene

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