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Things To Do Before A Week Of Your Wedding

Posted on the 07 May 2016 by Tracy Ashley @stella_jea

Before starting the count-down of your big day, make sure that you have not missed a single thing of your wedding plan. However, there are a few things that are generally overlooked and given less priorities by both the bride and the groom. Failing to observe those little things can panic you in several ways on the wedding day. Hence, stated below are some of those little and crucial things that must be revised at least a week before the D-Day.


1. Confirm the wedding day beauty appointments. Get your pedicure and manicure done atleast two days before the event.

2. For the grooms, get your hair cut done. It is better to trim or cut your hair atleast a week before the day. Also take care of your skin by applying some skin- friendly beauty products.

3. Wear your wedding shoes and practice walking and the dancing steps that you have planned to perform on the fun-filled event of your big day .

4. Provide your appointed drivers with the detailed schedule and list of your guests, their contact numbers and address for pick up and drop services.

5. Organise a wedding-day emergency kit box and place safety pins, mints, needles, threads, fashion tape and band-aids inside it.

6. Call and re-confirm the appointments that have been fixed with all your vendors such as photographers, caterers and florists. Contact with the DJ and reconfirm your appointments too.If you’ve booked the services of a business offering wedding bar hire in perth, keep in touch with them as well and ask them to arrive on time.

7. Keep final payments into separate envelopes for each vendor and mark them accordingly. Hand over the envelopes to a trusted family member and ask him/her to distribute them to each and every vendor timely.

6. Communicate about the wedding day schedule with your family members and friends in details. Keep all the important contact informations of your wedding co-ordinators handy. During the time of the event you may need to contact them on an emergency purpose. So don’t take chance and organize all the important documents with you in advance.

7. Pack your luggage for the wedding night. Ask your friends to deliver the luggage in the hotel where you have planned to stay.

8. Contact with all those guests who have missed your RSVP deadline. It is important to have a basic knowledge about the final headcount for the caterer .

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