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Things That Make Me Shake My Head: Demeaning Black Women for Art

By Urbanbushwoman @urbanbushwoman9

chairssIf you’re just seeing this for the first time, I promise that your eyes are not deceiving you. That really is a Black Woman chair. Not a model posed to hold the White female up. A chair. Something to sit your ass on. Something to ignore as just another insignificant piece of furniture. Sigh…..I should call this post “Things that make me wanna throw the hell up“. There are about a million posts in the blogsphere about this single picture from Garage Magazine and I can see why. This is sick.

Black women already have enough to face with men (Black and White) painting us to be  loud-mouthed, angry, oversexed, overweight, over-the-top, poor, classless, opinionated bitches who just need to be subdued with a beat down and an erection. Images like this just fuel the neanderthal notion that women (Black and White) are less than equal.  By the way, as I understand it, there is a chair like this with a white female too. That is equally offensive to me but for the sake of this post I’ll stick with the Sistahs.

I suppose somebody thinks this is art. And that it’s creative. And they may applaud the artist and the magazine it came from for ‘thinking outside the box’.  Some may even go as far as interpreting this as favorable. Black women are supportive and strong. They can hold you up and make you a better person. Well before you throw that in my face let me block it and say I call bullshit. I don’t interpret it that way. I see it as some jerk’s sadomasochistic wet dream to have a Black female at his beck and call.  What’s even more sad is the editor-in-chief (the White female seated on the ‘chair’) thought that publicly degrading another female was ok as long as she looked good.  She said the picture was published “completely out of context”.  Translation: this picture brings people’s attention to my magazine and makes me look like a pioneer for taking a risk. Ugh!!! Whateva!! I’m done.


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