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What Not to Ask Hillary Clinton

By Urbanbushwoman @urbanbushwoman9

Yeah I know what you’re saying right about now. “Where have you been UB?” I’ve been here. Working. Writing (for my professional jobs). Raising kids. I had to blow the dust off my blog to get something off my chest about this Democratic campaign. Let me preface this by saying that I’m not endorsing anyone. I’m not “with her” nor am I feeling “the Bern”. I have been an Independent since the day I registered to vote and I don’t plan on changing up anytime soon. I am on the sidelines of this race with my popcorn watching Dems and reps fight it out. I’ll be ready when the final two are ready to compete for the brass ring.

But something has been buggin me about a recent interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton on a morning radio show. It’s kinda small but I see a greater significance. The morning radio show “The Breakfast Club” on 105.1 in the Big Apple, Senator Clinton was asked what she carries with her at all times. She replied “hot sauce”. Well that answer was the shot heard around the world because it is similar to a song verse from Beyonce’s latest single Formation. Next thing you know people accuse her of pandering to black people. Now I’m not sure if she really was pandering since it looks like she has been in love with hot sauce since 1992 (long before Bey got in formation). But the question on my mind is this: why the fuck was she asked that question in the first place? Who cares what she carries around in her bag, man?

I find that in politics interviewers and commentators are incredibly sexist. Why is it that female politicians get asked some of the dumbest, most irrelevant questions when they’re in office or on their way there? No one asks men to name three things in their car trunk right now. But she gets asked about the contents of her purse?? It doesn’t stop with her purse. People question why she doesn’t smile , will being a grandmother affect her political career, even who designs her clothes (she CHECKED that moderator, honey chiiile). See what I mean? Silly shit. Don’t get me wrong. I know male politicos get asked frivolous questions about the foods they like to eat and sports (like what if he doesn’t even watch football). But it seems to me that this stuff becomes a sticking point when women are involved. Worst than that it’s a distraction. I don’t care if she carries butt naked pictures of Chris Brown in her purse. She’s auditioning for America’s highest political seat. Can she handle that job and all that comes with it?

The journalist in me understands that when you interview someone in politics (or anyone for that matter) you have to balance your questions. Hammering away at a politicians on the “issues” and not shooting a few jokes or lighter questions along the way may result in a “one and done” interview. So sure mix in a few fluff questions. Ask about her favorite food or a memorable person she has met along the campaign trail. Ask her about the last book she read and what she loved about it. Ask her what she likes about Beyonce (since this was a radio interview at a Black music station). But by all means be fair. If you’re going to ask female politicians how they balance family and work life, ask the men too. If you’re going to inquire about a woman getting her career up and running before getting married, ask the men too. If you’re curious about who watches a woman’s children while she works, tap the men on the shoulder and ask them too. Ask some meaningful questions to former SENATOR Clinton. Stop questioning which designer made the handbag that carries her hot sauce. Enough with the fluff.

Good luck Dems and Reps in selecting your candidates. Looks like simple math is about to cool the Bern as he just lost his home state of New York (Ouch!).


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