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Things That Make Me Happy #11 - #20

By Misssarahlouise
Hello lovelies, part 2 of my blog series. I hope we find something in common here and one of these things makes you happy to! If so, leave me a comment. Read the first 10 here.
11. Laughter - so simple but brightens everyones day. 
12. Success after hard work - there aren't many better feelings than accomplishing something after sheer hard work and determination. 
13. Waking up to a text - such a simple yet sweet thing. It makes me feel like I'm thought of (sad I know). 
14. Lazy days - I don't get many of these any more, but when one comes around I enjoy it to the max. 
15. Clean bedsheets - another so simple thing that really makes a difference.  
16. Pretty views - there are lots in my area, breathtaking and peaceful. 
17. Silence - goes hand in hand with pretty views really, peaceful.
18. Trying something new with my wardrobe - throwing together a different kind of outfit, everybody needs this every once in a while, its like creating a new you!
19. Discovering my favorite food on special offer - so sad I know, yet this really does make me so happy. The latest excitement over special offer food was Special K cracker crisps at just 99p!! 
20. Crossing things off my to do list - a real feeling of productivity, which doesn't happen often. 
Things that make me Happy #11 - #20 Sunset on Table Mountain, South Africa. Taken on my trip in February this year.
Things that make me Happy #11 - #20

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