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Things That Make Me Happy: #01 - #10

By Misssarahlouise
Good evening lovelies and welcome to this new series starting on my blog. Recently I have realised that we don't appreciate the little things in life. So I thought I would start making 'happy lists' to make me realize and appreciate the small things that brighten up my day - and maybe inspire some of you lovelies to be just a teeny tiny bit happier.
01. Life - think about it, long, hard, and seriously. I could write an essay here but just reflect, and smile for a moment.
02. Having a long hot bath - just perfect.
03. Good hair/make-up days - never when I want them but so good when they eventually happen.
04. Sunshine - everything is brighter and happier.
05. Countryside - fresh air, nature and silence, the place where I truly belong.
06. Last minute plans - spontaneous and often the best.
07. Positive people - the world needs more of these.
08. Perfectly painted nails - perfect for the short time they usually last.
09. Fairy lights - adorable, perfect for a cosy night in.
10. Songs that take me back - lying in peace listening to music that reminds me of good, and happy times.
Things that make me happy: #01 - #10A beautiful place near my home in North Wales
What makes you happy?Keep an eye out for monthly 'happy lists'
Things that make me happy: #01 - #10

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