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Things I’m Loving … [the Musical Edition]

By 74limelane @74LimeLane

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As it is my birthday week there is a lot of things I’m loving at the moment ~ a long weekend, excitement building for the party, the preparations.

I have an awesome band playing at the party ~ we’ve followed them since they started, all experienced musos, and one is eldest’s music teacher.

So a bit of a musical theme to today’s love list.

  • Loving the awesome talent of  Andrea Vadrucci, from Vadrum, playing along to the song “The Typewriter” using a drum set, a call bell and an actual typewriter. / via Laughing Squid
  • Loving the animated clips with the songs from Coldplay’s new album on their Facebook page. And the new album which is on repeat in my car.
  • Loving that the eldest’s class speech this term is about the history of the trumpet. And the great job he did with the research.
  • Loving this bunny rabbit playing a saxophone, thinking happy thoughts. [how could you not!]
  • And loving this playlist on Spotify, especially when working at home ~ your favorite coffeehouse

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