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Things I’m Loving …

By 74limelane @74LimeLane

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A Friday sunrise #nofilter

It’s very easy to be grateful on a Friday with the promise of the weekend so, so close. And apologies to those who will work this weekend, I do know that feeling and it sucks but I am revelling in this Friday feeling, so foreign for so many years.

Not to mention its Eurovision this weekend!

And I know the things I’m not loving at the moment but you know what, they don’t’ matter in the grand scheme of things. They too will pass and are better left unsaid and forgotten.

But this week …

  • I’m loving a tasty meal plan. We have been cooking and eating up a storm this week with a meal plan coming straight out of the rather large stack of cooking magazines on the coffee table. And every meal demolished by all. I will share our epicurean week over at Life at Lime Lane soon.
  • I’m loving the variety in my not-so-new job [and the weekends]. The other day I was in an art gallery in the morning and parklands in the afternoon.
  • I’m loving our present run of cool, crisp, clear days. Hello autumn. Despite the dark mornings and winter’s untimely sneak peeks each weekend [timing or what!], stepping outside and seeing nothing but blue sky and enjoying a brisk walk in the cool temperatures is really a highlight.
  • I’m loving new image apps to play with this weekend ~ cinamaticfrom the hipstamatic crew and filter app litely and Adobe Voice.
  • I’m loving anything to do with the moon.

What are you loving this week?

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