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There Will Be Puke Later. Better Blog Now.

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Today I made a point for the boys and me to have sit down supper. Things have been so chaotic that we needed some family time. The result: Eli drank A1. I'm sure there will be puke later. Peyton talked my ear off about what sorda stunts I'd allow him pull on people on Halloween. Zackary demanded to sit in his bedroom and watch Bubble Guppies and Evyn got chocked on a piece of leather steak. Note to self......broiling sirloin steak was a bad idea.
 Peyton got all distinguished on the KCCT and had lunch with the Super today.  He is now in the Superintendent's Club of Distinction. I am very proud of him.
Evyn is not sleeping. He use to be such a sound sleeper. The last few nights he has really put on a show at night. I'm at a loss and completely worn out. There.....I said it.....I'm worn out.
I visited with Mom last night. She was ill but not at me. Yay. She called me today and was much happier than last night. She did have a dementia test done today and I feel confident that the dementia will resolve when we find the right combinations for her Bipolar Disorder 1.
I take my placement test Oct. 24th. Or, maybe I won't.
Danny's truck kicked the bucket. We are in the market for another. He looked at some today in Indiana while visiting Mom with Dad and my brother. I was unable to go today. People don't exactly stand in line to watch 4 kids. I think Mom understands. I hope.
I suppose that's about it for the last couple of days. Happy Hump Day.

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