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There's Just No Time!

By Thepracticalmommy2 @PracticalMommy2
Sigh. I feel bad that I've been letting this blog go...go as in 'I'm letting my diet go after eating that second delicious, gooey, chocolate brownie' kind of go... It's sad really...
I'm sure there are others out there who know what I mean. I started this a while ago, intending to be the next best thing in the blogging world, but yeah, that didn't happen--at least not yet. Someday perhaps..
I spend most of my Internet time at or at . I write a few hubs at a time, read and comment on other hubs on HubPages, and answer a plethora of pregnancy questions on WebAnswers (sooo many women confused about cycles and pregnancy...WHY???). It keeps me busy, certainly.
But wait. That's only about 30-60 minutes Internet time. Then there's real life. Kids, diapers, dishwashing, laundry, cleaning, kids, diapers, dishwashing, laundry, cleaning....catching my drift? There's just no time! I know I'm not the only one by any means, but it's just crazy.
Sigh. Someday. Someday, when the kids are in school and things relax around here, I'll make the effort to make this an awesome blog. Lord knows I have so much in my head to share. I think of things all day long, but I just don't have the chance yet to get it all in writing.
Someday. Someday. Someday.....

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