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There is No God!

Posted on the 14 November 2016 by Lowell
There is no god!
It is true that Donald Trump was elected, in large part, by Christian "evangelicals" who claim they were motivated by their concern that the United States should be a Christian nation.
Evilgelicals (a much more appropriate term) believe that we need their god's blessing as a nation in order to prosper.  Thus, they ignore the fact that over the past 8 years, Mr. Obama has brought us back from the brink of another serious depression, has wound down some of our war-mongering, has taken steps to halt the destruction of our environment and global warming, has shrunk our national debt substantially, has helped to ensure that the rights of LBGT persons are respected, has helped to authorize a health-care bill which, while not perfect, has provided insurance for 20 million Americans, and that overall Obama has helped the United States reach a higher level of prosperity.
But the evilgelicals don't care about any of that.  There are two issues of importance for them: abortion (which includes contraception), and homosexuality.  Obama, they believe, is anti-god because he supports a woman's right to choose as well as the right of all Americans to buy and use contraceptives, and he actually wants to protect the rights of LBGT people.
In a previous article, I argued that no Christian could have voted for Donald Trump.  It would be impossible for that to happen because Mr. Trump is diametrically opposed to all of the teachings of Jesus.  So, all those people who call themselves Christians and voted for Trump are not Christians at all, but merely hypocrites and will, in the end, face the full wrath of the biblical god!
The evilgelicals, however, ignore that argument.  Somehow, because of Trump's current position on abortion and LBGT issues (a position that may change at any moment), he was god's choice for the presidency.
Now, this approach has born another, related, stream of thinking.  Rob Boston, in an article at Talk To Action, notes that a number of evilgelical leaders are proposing the notion that god actually got off his heavenly throne and intervened in the election to ensure Trump's success.
They're not too sure how he pulled it off, though...
One group called The American Pastor's Network claimed there is "No Other Explanation - God Worked a Miracle..."
The American Family Association, (designated a hate group by those who know) published an article by Michael Brown, which said, in part, "I believe Trump has been elected president by divine intervention."
We can't forget the Southern Baptist evilgelicals.  Richard Land, a high-placed poobah with the SBC, had a slightly different tack.  God is really pissed at America, but Trump's election "headed off divine judgment."
Let's consider a couple of theological items.  Christians consider their god to be all about truth, justice and mercy, and that he or she (most evilgelicals are adamant that their god is a HE) is omnipotent (all-powerful) and omniscient (all-knowing).
If that is true, then god knew beforehand that Trump would be elected and thus wouldn't have had to intervene.  So, it wasn't god's intervention that got Trump elected but god's non-intervention
(Or, of course, if god is omnipotent, he/she could have simply switched all the votes for Clinton in the ballot boxes with one little zap from a nearby cloud.  Not too hard for an all-powerful deity!  And what a great ploy!)
But we still are left with the problem of god's concern for truth, justice and mercy.  Why wouldn't god intervene to ensure Trump was NOT elected?  That would make more sense because Trump is a pathological liar, who has no taste for either justice or mercy.  Trump is a narcissistic businessman who cares only about financial profit for himself.
If god was real and truly about truth and all that other stuff, then surely it would behoove him (or her) to intervene and make damn sure Trump got nowhere near the White House (where, it turns out, he doesn't want to live anyhow ... evidently he needs his own bed and comforter ... both of which are located in New York).
But god did not do that and now we're stuck with this damnable demagogue, this fascist, would-be dictator, this goof-ball who doesn't have a clue what to do next so he hires some of the worst actors on the American political scene to help him try to figure things out.
Ergo, there is no god.

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