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There Is No Female Conspiracy Against Men

By Stoffbyrd
There Is No Female Conspiracy Against Men
We don't need another post about how on TV shows and commercials the American Male is being emasculated. And no more holding her purse!
The commercials are worse than the shows. Even for male dominated products. Miller Light just figured this out with their "Man Up" series. Instead of advertising directly to our inner tough guy, they now use "fear of being shamed by women" to help push their beer.
The commercials are funny as hell, but the point is...if you don't order a Miller Light women will think you are a big pussy. It used to be fear of "your guy friends" thinking you are a pussy. I guess they found the former works much better.

But this stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. Men who rape women are treated as the worst of the worst, and rightfully so. Some of the anger has to do with how no guy likes when another man messes with our purity and innocence. We get really angry when we see some MAN just take our purity and everything we love by force.
But how come when it's a guy going to jail, we laugh that he is going to get raped in prison. Male rape is usually a joke and rarely looked into seriously. I think there is a documentary about this issue, but I haven't watched it yet. Rape is always wrong - man or woman.
Women and children are the vessels of our last hope - that there is a place in this world that is still beautiful and innocent.
You will get fucked up bad by MAN if you mess with that hope. Again, rightfully so. But as a grown man - they don't care as much about you. As a man, you are nobody's fantasy of innocence, or fantasy of anything.
I think this speaks to the heart of everything, from the TV shows, to the commercials, to unequal divorce settlements, to less jail time for women who do the same crime as a man.
Remember, it's mostly male judges and male advertising executives who are making these decisions.
My Theory: MEN care more about keeping that last hope alive (that women are innocent and pure) than we do about ourselves. It must be important to us. We want women to be the prize. We don't want women to be like us. We cling to the hope that there is something special for us out there.
Before we assume once again this is all some giant conspiracy by women against us, in reality we as men are WILLINGLY doing this to ourselves. We want it this way.

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