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There is a House in New Orleans

By Agnes

gold manicure
Gold manicure -- I am a convert!

[Thought I'd have grown tired of gold everything by now. But no.] 

More importantly though, what I am drinking is the best cup of iced coffee ever:

filtering cold brewed coffee

Cold brew baby!

cafe au lait

If I needed yet another reason to love New Orleans, that Grandma & Blue Plate mayonnaise jar bit would serve.

"N.O. New Orleans Brew Concentrate" (the yellow one) is probably my favorite American coffee.  Coffee, when brewed cold & slow yields an amazingly rich, non-bitter, non-acidic flavor. I'll grant that it's an acquired taste -- although I think I acquired it the moment I tried it.

Since more often than not I'm out of the(!) N.O.Brew Concentrate, I usually just end up brewing my own. 

There are various recipes out there, some involving chicory. What I basically do is this:

my cold brew recipe

…although it's the House of the Rising Sun {Bob Dylan version} for me this morning. 

God I love this coffee. Loving them gold nails too. {Careful though, they are one bad apparel-related choice away from being too Las Vegas-y.}

Until next time.



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