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There Are No Statues Erected to Critics

By Stacylrust
“Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.”
-Benjamin Franklin

Have you ever noticed those people that are always negative and critical? You know, those people who seem to dump on everything you say?

If you tell them about a new idea, they point out the flaws and gaps.

If you tell them about a new amazing opportunity you’ve come across, they tell you it’s too good be true, and warn you against everything bad that may happen.

Even if you tell them you’re going to get your wisdom teeth removed, they will tell you every horror story they’ve heard in their entire life, and they will scare you into thinking you may die at the dentist.

Some people feel it is their birthright to warn people of all the possible things in life that could go wrong. They think they are doing society a favor in bringing people “back to reality” and helping them see life for what it “really” is.

When they see others who are excited about something, they find satisfaction in pointing out negative aspects, or possible catastrophes that are being overlooked. They bring up worst-case scenarios because it makes them feel as if they are one step ahead. No matter what the situation, they scramble to come up with something bad that could happen.

Do you just hate when people do that?? I sure do.

The truth is, when you are happy and carefree, people become jealous and unconsciously wonder why they aren’t that way. Instead of confronting that uncomfortable idea, they come up with a story as to why you are “living a fantasy” or why your lifestyle is impractical and your idea won’t work. They rationalize their unhappy life by believing they are bypassing the great disaster you are carelessly headed toward.

Our job as humans is to encourage one another to be idealistic and eager to experience new possibilities. It’s our responsibility to build people up and be confident in their ideas and aspirations, no matter how unrealistic they seem.

Most people are smarter than we give them credit for. And as it turns out, people are much harder on themselves than we could ever imagine. It is not our job to tell them what might go wrong because they have probably already had the same thought cross their mind. They most likely have considered every possible worst-case scenario already and are terrified one of those scenarios might actually manifest.

Our job is to let them know how great they are, and show them that we believe in them. People need confidence, not statistics. People need encouragement, not hesitations. People need love, not doubt. Spend your time with people who lift you up, because at the end of the day, it’s usually what will energize you to achieve everything you have set out to do.

And in the words of Tim Ferriss, “There are no statues erected to critics.”

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