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The Zoo at Luján

By Expanishargentina @expanish

zoo The Zoo at Luján

As we are getting into the hottest parts of the summer here in Buenos Aires, you might feel like getting out of the city for a bit.

One destination that has been rapidly growing in popularity among locals and visitors to Argentina’s capital is the Zoo at Luján.  Located approximately 60 kilometers from the city center or about one hour by car, the Zoo at Luján is perfect for a day trip away from Buenos Aires.

Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Zoo at Luján boasts a very unique attraction to visitors: the ability to touch, pet, and feed a variety of “big game” animals such as lions, tigers, and bears which are normally separated from visitors in other zoos around the world by fences or pens.  These fearsome hunters are raised together with members of others species (such as tigers being raised with dogs) in order to make the animals accustomed to interacting with all types of animals, including humans.  The animals are well fed and are constantly rotated throughout the day to avoid any possible accidents.

lionatzoo 300x225 The Zoo at Luján

This chance to take a picture feeding a tiger or a lion is one of the biggest draws to Luján.  You should get there early in the day as the lines to take photos with these animals can stretch to over an hour.

The zoo also offers more traditional zoo exhibits with the animals in their recreated natural habitats.  The zoo also offers rides on camels and elephants as well.

A day at Luján Zoo is perfect for people of all ages, including families with small children.  While in Luján, be sure to check out the famous basilica located in the town center as well.

elefante 300x156 The Zoo at Luján

The price of entry to the Luján Zoo is ARG 150 pesos for foreigners.  For Argentines, it is free for children under two years old, ARG 70 pesos for children between the ages of 2 and 11, and ARG 90 pesos for those above the age of 12.  It is recommended to bring your own camera as buying the pictures of you with the animals from the zoo can be a bit pricey.

The zoo is open seven days a week from 9am in the morning.

There is parking available at the zoo if you choose to drive.  It is also easily accessible by the following means of public transportation:

- Bus: You can take Bus #57 from Plaza Italia from Buenos Aires to Plaza Once in Luján.

- Train: You can catch a local light rail train to the Moreno station in Luján where you can transfer to a bus.

Escape the summer quilombo of Buenos Aires and head out to the Luján!

imagessignofzoo The Zoo at Luján

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