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The Yankees Have Cheap Hotdogs.

By Jhop
The Yankees Have Cheap Hotdogs.Well, hot dogs at the Stadium are cheap, at least comparatively speaking.  So last week, the guys at The Webstaurant Store sent me this very cool info-graphic about the prices of beer, hot dogs, and tickets at baseball stadiums across the country (click on the link to see a bigger version).  I was really impressed, so I asked how they went about creating it. Using statistics and information from the annual report, they relied upon “average income and hourly wage to try and get a fair comparison of prices.” From there, they played around with pricing displays until they had a good representation of cities and team.s  Personally, I think it is so cool looking that they are wasting their talents by selling restaurant supplies on the internet. 
I have to run, but an epic post about Boston's epic collapse will be up as soon as I am done writing it.  Until then, I hope you all have a great Friday and an even better weekend.

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