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The World's Tallest Tree

By Gerard @presurfer
The World's Tallest Tree
Redwood National Park in California, Usa, is hiding the tallest tree in the world. The tree is called 'Hyperion,' and is 379 feet and 4 inches (115,6 meters) high. Where to exactly find the tree is not known since its discoverers, Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor, won't tell. A team of scientists, led by Humboldt State University ecologist Steve Sillett, climbed to the top of the tree and dropped a tape down to the ground.
The rotated picture above is 'Stratosphere Giant, the former tallest tree in the world which can be found in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, also in California. The tree is 369 feet (112 meters) high.
(thanks Cora)The Presurfer

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