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The World Is An Illusion

By Ldsapologetics
The World Is An IllusionScientists have provided hard data which supports the idea that the universe is basically a hologram.
This finding also supports what both Hinus and Buddhists have said for thousands of years, that the world is an illusion.
Though there are experiences we can only have on Earth we will return to the true reality on the other side and there we can experience the rest of eternity.
Plato's allegory of the cave comes to mind. In it Plato supposes that if a few people were held captive in a cave with their only experiences coming from shadows made by moving objects in front of a fire behind these people that these poor souls would believe the shadows were real.
If one of these people were set free and go out of the cave and see nature, the sun and other people and animals they're mind would be blown. And when that freed person returns to the cave the others would not believe him and may try to kill him for robbing them of their treasured beliefs.
Many times throughout history those that spoke the truth were killed for revealing the true nature of things. And our current generation is no different in those terms.
Jesus was tried and executed for preaching uncomfortable truths. And were He to return He would likely be killed again were Ge to preach those same teachings.
The important question, the real question is when your perception has been altered and you are confronted by a painful truth do you accept or deny it?
Science can do extraordinary things but it cannot prove faith. That would defeat the purpose of having faith.
Belief in God will never be proven or disproven. It's not a scientific question because the scientific method does not apply to it.
As I've grown older the scriptures have changed for me I don't just understand them better I realize they are so layered with meaning they will continue to deepen in importance and understanding for as long as I live.
I do t believe I'm chasing shadows, I believe I'm chasing the holograms source.

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