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The Woman

By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge
The woman
For centuries I have lived under pressure The ruling of the stern counterpart by tether He played with the fragile body of ours Killing the innocence as he put us behind bars The woman has evolved by winning gruesome wars The pain has been suffered till the eternity Often after being used and abused by the fraternity The time always heals the wounds with its powers All that remain deep withi the heart are only the scars The woman has evolved by winning gruesome wars From a daughter to a mother, she plays different roles Tired of everything, still continues to fulfill her goals  Waited since quite a long time back, for the right hours The modernity is what that was required that empowers The woman has evolved by winning gruesome wars Endurance is what takes the multitasking fairer sex ahead The path is rough, even the strongest think twice to tread Today they can touch the skies, climb the tallest towers Years back who were nothing are tomorrow's stars The woman has evolved by winning gruesome wars
Dedicated to all the wonderful women on this great day. Happy Women's day to all the lovely ladies in my life and also to the ones who have left it.  Also, to the ones who are yet to enter my life sooner or later.
P.S. What goes around, comes around! My humble request to all leading ladies that power is extremely magnetic. It makes people's mind corrupt also. I request you all to use the power given to you with utmost care as it may come back to you tomorrow.
Hope that you all will have a good day!
P.P.S. Hope to hear from all lovely ladies on International Men's day too. :)

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