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The Wine is Good for You!

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

The wine is good for you!In the 1990s, a press report entitled later the "French paradox" became public after the researchers that the French who live on a diet of cheese, butter, eggs and offal discovered laden foods other cholesterol as America had a lower rate of heart attack. The results, why it was so were very surprising to many: moderate and regular consumption of wine. As the wine is good for your health?

Many believe that red wine is better for you than white wine, because this is the first study. The skin of red grapes contains a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol, which has been transferred during the production of red wine. But today the producers change their vinification of red and white wine to increase health benefits.

There have been some recent studies worldwide, the wine proved to be a very powerful way to prevent heart problems and lung disease and even strokes! In 2002, the American Thoracic Society found that the antioxidants in white wine helped improve lung function, while in the same year William Harvey Research Institute has discovered that polyphenols from the skins of red grapes helped keep arteries open and reduce the risk of stroke. University of California, Davis discovered in 1995 that coronary heart disease is reduced and research in 2004 at the University of Ferrara in Italy has shown that older people with moderate amounts of wine healthy blood vessels are consumed those who do do.

In addition to these advantages, there are many others that are specific to men or women. For men in 2004, the Worcester Medical Center in Massachusetts found that wine helped reduce the risk of heart attack in men with high blood pressure. The Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Australia in 2004 that women who consumed wine lower risk of ovarian cancer and twin research and genetic epidemiology had, St. Thomas Hospital in London discovered wine helped with stronger bones.

The key however is moderation. What is "moderation"? Studies have shown that "moderation" is considered as one or two glasses a day. Drinking more than this can be harmful to health and cause more diseases than prevent them. The wine has a fairly high calorie you can put on the pounds if not consumed in moderation content. But apart from all the weight you gain much more risk serious health problems such as kidney and liver disease with over consumption.

So wine drinkers raise your glasses, the benefits of a glass a day to offer!

Wine Racks - More than a wine storage
Those who generally love the fans and the famous collection of wine lovers, and has an excellent selection of wines from all over, so you can enjoy anytime. In addition, wine lovers happy to share the results in wine and want some additional number of bottles available to share with your next meal or to serve dessert wines. It is important to keep a wine collection wine racks are suitable to properly and safely stored.

Designed for well-made wine rack, which is stored in the wine properly, so the mixture obtained aroma of wine. Unfortunately, all wine cellars can be very volatile and changes over time can occur, especially when the subject oxygen. After storing horizontal, to ensure that the wine is in contact with the cover. This in turn keeps moist and flexible plug and keeping it dry. When wine corks is reduced, reducing the size and fall. If this happens to break the seal of the bottle, then the bottle of oxygen that eventually destroy the taste of wine. oxidation, and a good wine and a mouth full of vinegar is induced, and no way to influence customers that are on the table. This element gives the wine rack, wine bottles to build the capacity to maintain the horizontal plane in order to keep moisture hat and obesity.

More space considerations

The wine is good for you!It is also considered in a horizontal position; the wine is in place, cool and dark. It is also recommended that the bottles to external vibrations and strong smells are not sensitive. Like many other things, it helps the wine freshness maintenance to keep the taste, but make sure it is not too cold, or open, possibly in danger of freezing. The low constant temperature is correct. Most people, the winery is ideal for storing wine in optimal conditions. The wine must be kept in the dark, increasing the risk of chemical reactions are eliminated, which can occur with exposure to light.

However, since the vibrations keep the wine should do and do not mature properly, you need to ensure that the wine rack near the area in which they often use the machines. You have to put the wine rack, for example, laundry, garage, mechanics, boiler or other places where history the ability to interact with the wine and let age slow. In addition, each room is included in the house, exposed strong odors, such as cork tends to have a strong odor and can affect the taste, too. There are a variety of wine racks in the market, able to adapt according to all sectors and tailored to your needs. You can specify that the construction team create for your own cellar or you can buy a wine rack can be stacked to keep a few bottles. There is no limit to the number of options that are available for storage of wine available.

All wines should not be stored. are, for example, best eaten fresh or white wine and champagne can before serving, are purchased as needed generally cooled. Red wine is usually stored. But most wines buy wine shops usually do not require long-term aging, but to drink available in a ready base.

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