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The White Van

By Eriktiger @eriktiger

I live in small town Iowa. Its peaceful, quiet and safe. So safe its probably dangerous. The other day my daughter went to take the dog out when they woke up. While the dog was doing his business she saw a white van parked in front of our house. She came in and told us about the creepy van. We looked out the windows and verified yep there was white van sitting there.

The White Van

A couple hours later my wife went to take the dog out (he is a ten pound fluff dog and food just runs through him) and the van was still there. Candy anyone?

The guy in the van got out and approached my wife. He was older with white hair, thin and wore smudgy glasses.

My dog started barking so the guy stopped at the sidewalk. “I just wanted to let you know why I am parked out here so you don’t worry!”

My wife was feeling pretty uncomfortable but he continued. “I hit a deer and I was waiting to call triple A, so no worries…I’ll be out of here soon!”

Well that explanation didn’t help. She came in a locked the door and wanted me to call the police. After all, triple A is a 24 hour services and we were a couple miles from the highway- why would he hit a deer and drive clear to my house?

So I called the police and they came to check him out. A few hours later a tow truck came and the white van was out of our lives.

Creepy story huh? Well the writer in me got all excited! I wrote a short story about what MIGHT have happened…I having finished the rough draft and am polishing and editing now. I am pretty pleased with the results!! Stay tuned for the finished product!

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