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The Wesleys: The Wesleys

Posted on the 14 April 2024 by Hctf @hctf
The Wesleys

Montreal based garage rockers The Wesleys have the audacity to kick off their album with using a proper intro for opening track Make It My Way, which is, according to self-proclaimed streaming gurus, a bad move. It sets the tone for a collection of songs wherein punk meets power pop, with a rock solid pairing of lead and rhythm guitar. There is even a Mellotron involved, which gives them ample opportunity to play around with textures and add a bit of color to their bare bones, lo-fi approach.

Cute and catchy stuff that could a nice present for both Britpop lovers and fans of the Replacements. Hooks galore, and they make a pretty good effort at nailing vocal harmonizing. The slow, monolithic Fucked Up is a pretty nifty set-up for the Pixies-esque 25, fully deserving to be played back to back on indie stations.

The Wesleys:
Henry Girard: guitar, vocals
William D'Amours: guitar, Mellotron
Quentin Chisholm: bass, vocals
Pablo Garcia-Rejon Gaubeca: drums, vocals

The Wesleys: The Wesleys

The Wesleys is released via Little Village Records (vinyl, digital).

  1. Make It My Way
  2. A Lot To Lose
  3. I've Been Waiting
  4. Fucked Up
  5. 25
  6. You Better Believe It
  7. Radio Circus
  8. Great Big Smile
  9. Death By The Bite

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