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The Weekual Thursday PP: One out of Five

Posted on the 25 August 2011 by Limette @Limette9
I'm pretty stressed out at the moment because of various... things... but that's not what I wanted to tell you. There it is: this week is what I (very creatively) call the "how-i-met-your-mother-week", so I haven't watched anything but HIMYM. The new season will be released on September 19 and I need to have finished watching the last two seasons until then. I can already tell you: it's fun! It's fun to watch a series all day long (except when you're stressed out there is no "all day long", but...). You don't have to think a lot (doesn't mean HIMYM isn't intelligent, though), you can just relax and be... be a series-fanatic instead of a film-fanatic.
However, I'll be making an exception today and go watch The Tree of Life in the theatre, one of my most anticipated films this year.
Speaking of theater - what's coming up in India for tomorrow?
Chitkabrey - Shades of Grey
Director: Suneet Arora (debuting - though he looks rather old!)
The Weekual Thursday PP: One out of FiveTHEATRICAL TRAILER
Never heard of this film before? Me neither.
Muhahahha... what's going here?
Are they even allowed to call that a film and not a over-lenghth soap-opera episode?
The actors are the worst I've ever seen, the effects, editing and direction (of the trailer) is the worst I've ever seen... and the story? A very bad copy of Saw, I believe.
Also looks a bit like Game, just with a strong note of B-film.
Even the poster looks embarrassing. Ugh.
Verdict: Rather-do-not watch (but then again... it might be fun)

Mr. Bhatti on Chutti
Director: Karan Razdan (Girlfriend and other films I don't have in mind to watch)
The Weekual Thursday PP: One out of FiveTHEATRICAL TRAILER
Ya, right. You want us to watch a trailer that's more than 4 minutes. Right.
Well, the first minute looks... fun, somehow but in a weird way. I'd like to hear someone's opinion on the film (if anyone is going to watch it).
Maybe Anupam Kher still had his mustache from Dear Friend Hitler (the film he abandoned) and thought... "Hey, I could make a Charlie Chaplin-y weird silence/ politics/ weird film... With a weird poster and a weird trailer.
And then, everyone is going to run to the theaters because they are so curious."
I am curious, actually. In a weird way.
Verdict: Maybe-watch

Director: Lalit Marathe (debuting, but also had various jobs in "Bhoot")
The Weekual Thursday PP: One out of FiveTHEATRICAL TRAILER
You know what's cool about this film? There's a really cool woman in a sari (!) shooting a lot of men (!). And she's played by an actually ethnic/ Indian-looking (!), promising newcomer (!).
That's it. That's why I want to watch the film.
The female species is finally getting more attention in Bollywood - that is, if the film is at least a little successful. (I was also thinking about Ishqiya).
And Ram Gopal Varma is producing the whole thing.
Convinced? I am.
Verdict: Do-watch (!)

Stand By
Director: Sanjay Surkar (Caukat Raja and other films I've never heard of)
The Weekual Thursday PP: One out of FiveTHEATRICAL TRAILER
WHAT? The dude who directed this piece of... unexciting-looking... film has won 4 National Awards?
I don't really care.
The trailer looks uninspired and lacks originality. I wouldn't care if he were an Academy Award winner.
Verdict: Rather-do-not-watch

Yeh Dooriyan
Director: Deepshikha (former actress, debuting as director)
The Weekual Thursday PP: One out of FiveTHEATRICAL TRAILER
"Love after divorce... is it a crime?". Hell, yeah! 'Course it is - what, did you think I was going to be like "No, no, go on, be happy"? Take a break!
You know what else is a crime? Saying "safer sex" in a trailer. At least the word "sex" must be beeped - y'got that right.
But the worst is yet to come: having a relationship to - or even marrying (!) - a guy who's younger than you are. So naughty.
... Only good thing about this film: directed by a female. A very self-centered female, judging from the trailer. And also very conservative.
Verdict: Rather-do-not-watch... though also this one might be fun.

Can't believe there's so much garbage in the theaters... I'm looking forward to The Tree of Life.
Thank you for reading,Mette M. Kowalski

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