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By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
Here's the thing ...I got married pretty quickly.  I don'tmean like early on in the relationship (even thought that's also true), I meanquick, like from proposal to nuptials quick. My engagement lasted a total of um, 44 days.  Yep. We did that, and didn't go to the courthouse either.  We pulled off a real gown with train,bridesmaids and groomsmen wedding in 45 days. 
I'm pretty proud ofthat too.  I mean seriously, most of usgirly girls dream about our weddings starting at a very young age.  We dream about the dress we'll wear, ourwedding colors, our hair, the cake, bouquet, the whole nine yards.  We usually have all the details planned outbefore we even meet our dudes. 
Like so many others,I had a few of these dreams myself, and even though I had a modern day shotgunwedding, I still wanted to have it all. Naturally that couldn't happen for various reasons.  Form fitting dress?  Nope, not at 3 months pregnant.  Location? Meh.  Don't get me wrong, ourlocation was great.  It was a nice littleplace on the Severn River in Maryland, and it was available in 45 days, my maincriteria at the time. 
While I madecompromises and made things work, one of the things in my dream wedding that Iwas able to hold onto, was my wedding song. I decided sometime  around 10years old, this would be my song and it amazes me that I still rememberedit.  "Always" by Atlantic Starrwas a song I fell in love with as a child and thought it would be a perfectwedding first dance song, and it was.  
I remember when Ifirst heard the song as a young girl and feeling the beauty behind it.  I really loved that it was a duet, which tome is what marriage is all about.  It wasthe fact that both singers, man and woman, professed their love and dedicationto one another the same way the hubs and I did. 
As my anniversarylooms near, I can’t help but reflect and think about the day I said my Idos.  It was pretty perfect, if I say somyself. 

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