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The Way You See Me

By Loveandgrace @loveandgrace20

Coming up as a young woman, the perception I had of myself was based on the way you see me.  “You” could have been anyone.  Teachers, coaches, friends, and family, all developed how I viewed myself.  I took their observation of me and made it my own.

I believed I was a good athlete because my coach told me so.  I believed I had a knack for ratios because my math teacher Miss Yates announced it to the entire class.  In reality I had a difficult time with math, but after she told the class that I was the expert, I scored highly on my tests.  She was so wise.

The Way You See MeUnfortunately not everyone gives us such positive reflections.  The way you see me could have a negative twist.  In the eyes of some I am beautiful.  In the eyes of others I am a simple plain Jane.  Some look at me and see no talent, while others believe I can fly.

I could never change the opinion of people, although I wasted precious time and energy attempting to do so.  I did, however, have the power to change me.

It was time to step away from the way you see me.  To get what I wanted out of life and find contentment, I had to search within myself to answer the question, “Who am I?”  Otherwise, I would be eternally bound by the opinions of others and my purpose for living would be unsure.

It was time to get to know who I really am…the good…the bad…the ugly…and the beautiful.

All truths about me are hinged on two facts.  First, I am nothing without Christ.  Second, I can do all things through Him.

Searching the essence of me and loving all that I find good, has helped me to become a more secure woman of God.  Holding a magnifying glass to my own soul stabilized my esteem.  It has depreciated the value of how others see me.  Even when I am praised for being good, I know that if I take my eyes off of Christ, I will fail.

Today, the attributes of who I am are still being revealed.  I am open to the critique others, but one thing has changed.  The way you see me (whoever comes or goes from my life) does not solely define who I am or what I shall be.  I see me, as God sees me.  This is truth.

-Candra Brightwell-Evans

How has the the way others see you affected your life?  What more can we gain by seeing ourselves through the eyes of God?

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