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The Voice of the Philippines: Congratulation Jason Dy

By Robin Salvador @vinzsalvador23

Ever since I'm a huge fan of every singing competition regardless if it is an amateur or professional singing competitions. From TV-Reality Singing Contests like Search from the Star, Star in a Million, Star Power, Pinoy Pop Superstar, Search for a Star in a Million, American Idol, X-Factor and now The Voice of the Philippines - I always follow every journey of every contestant.

Last year when "The Voice of the Philippines Season 1″ opened, it marked and brought a higher standards of Singing Competition here in the Philippines. From the blind audition you'll notice that every contestant has the guts to get the title, you'll see the intensity of competition and the quality of the voice of every contestant showcasing the uniqueness of their voices. And now as "The Voice of the Philippines Season 2″ ended and announced Jason Dy as the grand winner, truly this is another successful competition of this season's The Voice of the Philippines.

From the start of the competition, I already rooted for Daryl Ong, Leah Patricio and Jason Dy and in their every performances you'll get goosebumps and with their angelic and melodramatic voices while they're singing, it's like their talking directly to your spirit because all of them sings from their heart. But at the end of the competition I chose to vote for Jason Dy because of the quality and uniqueness of his voice and in his every amazing performances he proves that it doesn't need to sing a very high-notes songs to become a great artist, all it takes is a heart, passion and soul.

Thank you so much Jason Dy for sharing your amazing voice to all of us. You deserved to crowned as "The Voice of the Philippines Season 2″ grand winner.

Jason Dy 'Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin' The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Grand Finale



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