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Before You Go to Israel, Here Are 10 Things You Should Know

By Robin Salvador @vinzsalvador23

Before You Go to Israel, Here are 10 things you should know

Use this list of Israel travel tips to have a safe and enjoyable trip:

1. Always bring electrical adapters when you travel

The most common complaint from visitors is that they lose their electrical gadgets. The electrical outlets in Islam are 3 round-pinned. Most people don't check out any Israel travel suggestions before going, so they wind up trapped because of the incorrect connection. Make sure you get one and take it with you on your trip. You don't want to waste time hunting for one outside and, even worse, be stranded in an unfamiliar town with no means of getting help.

2. Many restaurants have food that follows the 'Kosher' dietary guidelines.

In Israel, there are rules that must be followed, one of which is their food code. The majority of restaurants in Israel provide Kosher meals, which might intrigue you. It implies that the establishment follows religious laws, much as Halal does for Muslims. Food that is Kosher is defined as any animal's death being performed in the most painless manner possible according to Jewish law. They also criticize the consumption of dairy with meat. Although many younger people are not aware of this custom, it remains an important Israel travel suggestion in 2021.

3. Pack and wear modest clothing

You will need to dress appropriately if you want to visit religious sites such as Jerusalem or Orthodox neighborhoods. Although it may be warm in the summertime, if you want to visit areas like the Western Wall or the location where Jesus was crucified, wearing t-shirts with sleeves that fall below the elbow and long skirts or pants is advised.One of the most important traveling tips for Israel is to dress conservatively. The people are very orthodox, and they will not hesitate to make a scene if they think you are not dressed appropriately. If you forget to pack proper clothing, don't worry - religious women hand it out near the Western Wall.

4. Prepare yourself to be thoroughly questioned at the airport.

It's vital to note that because Israel has had a lot of difficulties in the past, security is extremely tight. If you're a tourist, you'll be questioned extensively before being allowed entry. You might be asked why you're visiting, if it's your first time, what you do for a living, who you've come with and how you know them, who packed your luggage and much more. The interview is shorter and more time-consuming than the security check. Some people are naturally nervous, and if you're hesitant to respond, this might give them a bad impression. Just make sure you have your replies ready and you'll be fine. This is, in fact, one of the finest Israel travel recommendations there is.

5. Hold onto the paper visa/slip you receive when you land at the airport

Many people are confused about whether they will be banned from other countries if they visit Israel. To avoid the hassle of being perceived as a threat, Israel does not stamp your passport when you visit. Instead, they give you a paper visa to carry with you. Be sure to keep the slip safely, as it is proof that you have entered into the country after being checked. Keep it safely along with your passport so that you don't end up stuck in a new country without proper documentation."

6. During the night, visit Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is infamous for its nightlife. Restaurants and bars are scattered throughout the city, making it difficult to see all the attractions during daylight hours. To get the full experience of Tel Aviv, you should visit at night when everything is illuminated. The scenery is breathtaking and there's never a problem finding a place to enjoy a good drink with great company.

7. Prepare yourself for the Sabbath hours by learning what to expect.

The weekends in Israel fall on Fridays and Saturdays, while the workweek goes from Sundays to Thursdays. The Jewish Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday evenings, which means that businesses and public transportation will not be running during the weekend. If you're traveling to a religious area, keep in mind that everything usually closes down by 4-5 PM and won't open again until Saturday evening. This is one of the most important Israel travel tips, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly!

8. There are a lot of Monit Sheruts to choose from.

Monit Sherut are shared vehicles that seat 10 people and are typically yellow or white minivans with a capacity of ten passengers. You may use the monit sherut to transport between cities and drop off passengers at major hubs or main stations. If you need to be dropped off somewhere along the route, you can do so. These share cabsSave money by taking a regular taxi since taking a standard taxi would end up being far too costly.

9.If you see soldiers on the street, don't be alarmed.

It's not unheard of for soldiers to walk the streets with their weapons in hand. Because military service is so essential for both men and women, you're likely to see soldiers in uniform with a gun in hand. Israel takes security extremely seriously, therefore you'll have to get used on it even if it makes you uncomfortable at first.

10. You'll need to look for ways to reduce costs.

Many people believe that Israel is a cheap country to travel to, when in reality it is quite expensive. Staying at a hotel, eating out, and shopping will all cost you more than you may have initially budgeted for. However, there are ways to cut down on expenses such as Purchasing food from local markets instead of restaurants , staying at hotels that include breakfast or are centrally located ,and using shared taxis or shuttles . If possible, bring extra money with you just in case.

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