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The Voice!

Posted on the 16 July 2011 by Travelingdivas

HOLLYWOOD—Now that we have all recovered from the excitement over the the boyish looks of “American Idol” winner Scotty McCreery and are suffering from “Idol” withdrawal, let’s see if Season 10 needs improvement. 

Alright, the show survived the departure of Simon Cowell, mostly thanks to the antics of Steven Tyler. Like I have said in the past, some of the songs even of established singers would have former judge Cowell saying it was appalling.

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Again, the format of the final performance continues to astound me. The faithful viewers tuned in back in January, don’t they deserve to have the winner announced 15 or 20 minutes before the result show ends? Why can’t America enjoy the moment? Viewers have invested many hours in these contestants, what is the rush to get them off the air? 

The show continues to be a family show, why so many bleeps? Case in point: take some moments with their families as they walk upon stage to speak to them and congratulate them; that would be ideal. Let the viewers feel some emotion, some interaction with the audience. One thing is for sure, pop diva Jennifer Lopez brings glamour and style to the show, with all her eye-catching outfits.

Now that “Idol” has ended for the season, we have “The Voice.” The NBC show showcases an amazing range of talents from country, rock to pop. You may recognize a familiar face on stage, 16-year-old Raquel Castro, the youngest artist in the competition. Castro had been a successful child actress, as she played the daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s characters in the movie “Jersey Girl.” The impressive singer’s voice is what made Christina Aguilera take notice. Currently on “Team Christina,” she continues to impress the viewers with her big voice. 

In the audience supporting her on June 7 was none other than Lucas Prata, who rose to fame with his second single from his debut album, “And She Said.” It was back in the summer of 2000 that we caught a glimpse of Prata, when he teamed up with Salt-n-Pepa as the opening act for their North American tour. The music video “Kamouflage” featuring Prata, “When the Lights are Down,” is amazing and you’ll see his beautiful fiancée Priscilla DiStasio, who was also in the audience supporting Castro. Priscilla not only is a sought-after model, she is also an established makeup artist with an amazing client list, including Raquel Castro. Her impressive work can be found on her website mspriscilla.com.

Rose’s Scoop: The announcement came on June 8 from Nickelodeon Network President Cyma Zarghami that First Lady Michelle Obama is set to appear on an upcoming episode of “iCarly” to promote “Joining Forces” to support and promote awareness for military families. Last but not least, Katy Perry, who has some Portuguese blood in her veins, graces the June issue of Vanity Fair. The 26-year-old looks absolutely stunning.

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